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Design, Control, and Preparation of Executive Drawings for Construction Projects


Architecture and Urban Planning

Civil and Structural Engineering

Building Installations

What services do we offer?

Hiva Engineering Services Group provides the capability to design, control, and prepare architectural, structural, electrical, and mechanical drawings for your projects. These services, delivered by a specialized team, adhere to professional standards and are prepared and presented to the engineering community and clients with utmost precision.

Architecture and Urban Planning

In the architectural division of Hiva, precise attention to detail is given to space design and the preparation of architectural drawings, ensuring that your ideas are implemented and ready for execution in the best possible manner.

Civil and Structural Engineering

Structural designs and drawings are meticulously prepared by the structural team members at Hiva Engineering Group in a highly professional manner, accompanied by detailed execution plans to address the specific structural requirements effectively.

Structures and Building Installations

The preparation of detailed mechanical and electrical installation plans for construction projects is another professional segment of the specialized team at Hiva. These plans are meticulously created, adhering to technical standards and guidelines.

Completed Projects

Architecture and Urban Planning
Civil and Structural Engineering
Electrical Installations
Mechanical Installations
Professional Collaboration
Up-to-date Knowledge
Efficiency and Quality
Precision Design
Innovation and Creativity
Accurate Scheduling
Ongoing Support

Hiva and Its Advantages

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